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Unique piece

100% handmade, Japanese sushi restaurant miniature

Wood, paint cardboard under plexiglass cover.

Dimensions: 12x12 cm height 20 cm. 


The Return of the Cat 猫の帰還

  • Secure shipping in appropriate box

    • Cats have a special place in Japanese culture and are valued for their grace and mystery. Here are some interesting things to know about cats in Japan: 1. **Maneki-neko**: The Maneki-neko, also known as the "lucky cat" or "invited cat", is a figurine of traditional Japanese cat. It is often placed at the entrance to businesses, restaurants and homes to attract prosperity and good luck. The Maneki-neko is depicted with one paw raised, as if beckoning. 

    • Kaitenzushi : These sushi restaurants often revolve around a circular counter where plates of sushi are placed on a conveyor belt. Customers can choose the dishes they want based on what passes in front of them.

    • Traditional sushiyas : These are more traditional sushi restaurants where the chef prepares them

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